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June 11, 2013
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‘Avatar’ mice help develop new cancer treatments… Boston Medical Center, Maine Lab team up in a new project: implanting rodents with a patients’ actual cancers to be able to fight them better

By Priyanka Dayal McCluskey GLOBE STAFF SEPTEMBER 22, 2014

Some of the most important occupants of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center live in cages in a gleaming tower near Longwood Avenue. They are furry little mice, in varieties of white and brown and black, with long pink tails. And they could play a vital role in the search for cures for cancer.

Beth Israel Deaconess has been studying cancer in the thousands of rodents housed in its facilities, and now the medical center is poised to expand that research, using a new type of lab mouse that can host human cancer cells. The goal is to help scientists develop a custom treatment for each patient’s form of cancer.

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