Daphna Nachmani

Daphna Nachmani, PhD


Dr. Daphna Nachmani received her MS and PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, at Professor Ofer Mandelboim’s lab within the Immunology department in 2014. During her training Daphna worked on host-pathogen interactions, with an emphasis on viral miRNAs as mediators of immune-evasion strategies.

In the Pandolfi lab Daphna’s current research focuses on post-transcriptional and translational regulation in the hematopoietic system

Current Projects:

Dr. Nachmani’s current project focuses on the role of RNA modifications in the regulation of hematopoietic stem cell maintenance and self-renewal.

Award, Fellowship:

2014 L’Oreal-UNESCO/Israel Award for Women Scientist

2014~16 The EMBO long-term fellowship

2014~16 The National Postdoctoral Fellowship for Advancing Women in Science