Vera Mugoni

Vera Mugoni, PhD


Dr. Vera Mugoni received her undergraduate training under the supervision of Dr. Nicoletta Fortunati at the Laboratory of Endocrinology and Oncology, University of Torino, Italy. For her studies on the anti-tumor effects of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors in breast cancer, Vera was awarded both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Biomolecular Sciences.
In 2008, Vera placed her education in biotechnologies under the supervision of Prof. Massimo M. Santoro at the Molecular Biotechnology Center of Torino, Italy.
She obtained her Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine in 2014, for her studies on the role of ubiad1 and prenyl lipid metabolism during the zebrafish cardiovascular system development. During this period, Vera developed interests towards enzymes and metabolites regulating pathological conditions such as tumor angiogenesis and metastasis.

Vera has been a post-doctoral fellow in the laboratory of Prof. Pier Paolo Pandolfi since May 2014. Her main research interests are focused on genetic and epigenetic mechanisms regulating cancer cell metabolism and in vivo studies on metabolic fluxes in primary tumors and metastasis.

Current Project:

At the present her current research work is mainly dedicated to the development of novel therapeutic strategies to overcome resistance to targeted therapies in hematological malignancies.

Award, Fellowship:

2014~2016 The EMBO Long –Term Fellowship.
2015~ present The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Career Development Program Grant.